FOCUSFOCUS is CET's bi-monthly news and public affairs program. Kathy Lehr serves as the primary host for the panel discussions, which cover a broad range of topics that matter to the citizens of Greater Cincinnati. FOCUS airs on CET the first two Sundays of every month at 12:30pm, and the first three Mondays at midnight.

Have an idea for someone to interview, or a topic to be explored? Send your comments, questions and concerns to FOCUS Producer Don Hancock.

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Kurt Reiber and Bob Edwards talk about Freestore Foodbank's Rubber Duck Regatta.
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Ways to keep you and your family safe while swimming and boating this summer.
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Sandra Lober and Barb Rose talk about programs offered at Hospice Care in Cincinnati.
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Kathy Lehr talks with Brewster Rhoades, Chairman, and Teresa Lubic Director of Paddlefest