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Music Hall Renovation Documentary

Coming Fall 2017

For 16 months the doors of Music Hall are closed as an historic renovation process ensues. CET is documenting this complex undertaking with compelling interviews and stunning visuals that provide the audience a seat at the table where decisions are made and progress is monitored. It all leads to the much-anticipated grand re-opening of Music Hall on October 6.

CET Presents

Producer's Video Blog: Post 1

Aired: 2017-02-01 05:00:00 2:00 Rating: NR

Video blog from Don Hancock, producer of CET's documentary about the Music Hall renovation

Photos from the renovation

SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar

Take an exclusive tour of Music Hall with Cincinnati philanthropist and local arts champion Otto M. Budig Jr.. Watch above or click here. 

The Art Show
SHOWCASE with Barbara Kellar