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August - September 2017

David Fogarty

While the final weeks of summer approach, I hope it has offered opportunities to relax and enjoy (well-earned, I’m sure).  If it has included much programming to watch and enjoy on your public television stations, all the better!

Thanks in large measure to your Membership support, Public Media Connect concluded our FY 2017 Fiscal Year successfully. A timely and sincere thanks to our new and renewing Members who offered their support during our June end-of-year campaign.  We have made our commitments to PBS and other program distributors for the coming programming year, and the new fall season looks very, very promising.  I am confident that you’ll agree. 

Before I mention some of the programs coming up in the next several weeks, a bit of news.  Beginning July 1st, the Southwestern Ohio Instructional Technology Association (SOITA) joined Public Media Connect. If you’ve ever wondered how schools and teachers stay up-to-date on technology, its use in classrooms, and its potential as an invaluable resource for learning, SOITA has been a very big part of the answer throughout our region  For more than 50 years, SOITA has brought educational media and professional development to school districts. Its mission today is as important as ever! We’re very pleased that SOITA, a 501c3 non-profit, and its membership of districts and schools in a 20-county region have officially merged with PMC to extend and grow educational services.

PMC’s local broadcast and educational productions are essential to our mission and regional service.  Over the past 5 to 6 years, PMC’s productions and staff have been nominated for more than 60 Regional Emmy Awards. This year is no exception. A few weeks ago, we learned that CET and ThinkTV have been nominated for 14 Emmys. And while we take pride in the recognition, we are also very aware that our productions always involve community partners. Our thanks and congratulations go to them, too. You can watch the nominated productions on line at www.cetconnect.org and www.thinktv.org.

We’ve also been busy preparing our schedule of fall events. On August 24th, CET will host a Fall Preview Party & Visionary Recognition luncheon at our studios. We’ll highlight upcoming fall programming and recognize members of CET’s Visionary Society who have included us in their estate plans. On the evening of the 24th, ThinkTV and CET will host a special preview of Ken Burn’s The Vietnam War documentary series at the National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.  And on September 27th, CET’s gala event, Live! on CET, will honor Willie Carden, Jr. at JACK Cincinnati Casino. 

And, of course, there will be much to watch on CET and ThinkTV.  August is full of music with Legends of Folk:  Isn’t This a Time!,60’s Pop, Rock and Soul, Texas Tenors:  Rise, Emmylou Harris – At the Ryman,Mannheim Steamroller 30/40 Live and The Bee Gees:  One Night Only.

NOVA:  Eclipse over America let’s you join scientists and citizens as they observe the first total solar eclipse to traverse the US mainland in more than a generation.  And The Farthest Voyager reveals how the Voyager mission launched in 1977, revolutionized our understanding of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and their dazzling moons and rings.

Ken Burns’ new documentary The Vietnam War, a 10-part, 18 hour documentary series from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick will tell the epic story of the war as it has never been told before. Watch for PBS Previews:  The Vietnam War. (Public Media Connect will produce related local programming for this major documentary effort.)

All the very best,
David Fogarty



David M. Fogarty
President & CEO
CET & ThinkTV