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January/February 2018

David Fogarty

January 2018! Another year begins. We hope this year arrives with promise and opportunity.  As I write in mid-month December, the first serious cold spell has arrived.  May you find much to enjoy in the weeks ahead on your public television stations, CET and ThinkTV . You are certainly warmly welcomed!

A sincere Thank You to all our renewing Members and a special welcome to our new Members who generously pledged their support during PMC’s end-of-the-year Membership Campaign.  Your investment really does make our stations’ quality programming and educational resources available to everyone in our region. 

And Thank You to the Members who joined us at ThinkTV for our December Victoria on Masterpiece, Season 2 preview screening.  Still others are joining us this month at CET for our Victoria Cincinnati screening.  We’ll also have a Be My Neighbor Day event at CET in February.

This month, CET and ThinkTV begin a special multi-month commitment to offer national and local programming on the opioid crisis.  Our stations were chosen to participate as part of a public television consortium effort to explain what this epidemic means to our country and, more importantly, how communities are developing and implementing strategies that seek real, long-term solutions.  The human toll and the cost to all of us are extraordinary.  As in past local/national initiatives (The Mortgage Crisis, The American Graduate Project, and others), CET and ThinkTV will work with an extensive list of local partners to provide access to the information that matters.  We begin with the broadcast of Understanding the Opioid Epidemic.  More information about this initiative can be found on page 9 in this issue of PMC Connect.

For national programming, PBS begins its “second season” of the 2017-2018 broadcast year.  And there is much to watch!

Jenna Coleman returns as the youthful monarch in the season 2 premiere of Victoria on Masterpiece.   Independent Lens offers “I Am Not Your Negro” that documents the late author James Baldwin’s observations on race relations.  Ann Curry hosts the six-part mini-series, We’ll Meet Again, chronicling the dramatic reunions of people whose lives crossed at pivotal moments in history. And Impossible Builds offers a three-part series about jaw-dropping architecture and some seemingly impossible (at least improbable!) construction projects. 

In Gilded Age, the award-winning series American Experience examines the rise of American industry and a growing disparity between the emerging wealthy robber barons and the working class in the late 19th century.  Meanwhile, NOVA “First Face of America” chronicles the discovery of a skeleton believed to be around 12,000 years old. Finally, in February Pinkalicious and Peterrific, a new PBS Kids series premieres to engage children in the discovery of their own creativity and the arts.

Of course, there’s much more on all of our – and your – public television channels.  Full listings and schedules are available online at www.cetconnect.org and www.thinktv.org

Your support does makes it all possible!  Thank you.

All the best in the New Year,

David Fogarty



David M. Fogarty
President & CEO
CET & ThinkTV