Antiques Roadshow in Cincinnati

Were you one of the thousands of people to attend the Antiques Roadshow taping in Cincinnati this past summer? Wondering what treasures the Queen City holds? Ready to search the TV for someone you know?


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Antiques Roadshow Cincinnati, Hour 1Hour 1


Antiques Roadshow visits the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati for a look at vintage electric signs. Some of the items featured include a baseball bat used by Mickey Mantle, art pottery from Cincinnati’s very own Rookwood Pottery and works by locally born and world-renowned artist Edward Henry Potthast valued at between $41,000 and $63,000.


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Antiques Roadshow Cincinnati Hour 2Hour 2


This episode includes a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo to talk about how today’s endangered rhinos are affected by the antiques trade. Discoveries in “the city that sings” include a suit that belonged to Colonel Sanders, a bronze horse sculpted by Solon Borglum, and an 1846 wall map of the United States valued at more than $10,000.


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Antiques Roadshow Cincinnati Hour 3Hour 3


This episode features the craftsmanship of Cincinnati carved furniture, a French advertising post and an impressive bust of Abraham Lincoln as well as a tip to the races with a trophy of the 1908 Belmont Stakes and an early 20th-century toy horse and buggy.


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