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ThinkTV and CET are getting ready to enter week two of a four part series called Constitution USA with Peter Sagal and the next episode is about one of America’s best loved, and most popular, documents – the Bill of Rights.


How well do you know the Bill of Rights? What about the First Amendment? In a recent study by The First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, surveys showed that, when asked to name the five freedoms in the Bill of Rights, 27 percent of respondents couldn’t name any.


Here is the full breakdown of what Americans knew was protected by the Bill of Rights:

Freedom of Speech: 65 percent

Freedom of Religion: 28 percent

Freedom of the Press: 13 percent

Right to Assemble: 13 percent

Right to Petition: 4 percent

(Full study for 2012:


In the next episode of Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, which will air at 9pm Tuesday, May 14, on CET and ThinkTV16, Sagal explores the history of the Bill or Rights and addresses several stories – ripped from the headlines – involving specifically the freedom of speech and the freedom or religion.


For more information, visit: or


Watch It's a Free Country - Preview on PBS. See more from Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.

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Bullying in schools and in our communities is a hot topic for parents, kids, teachers, educators and leaders around the country. As a leader in education, PBS KIDS will be presenting two special Arthur and Friends episodes aimed at helping young learners understand what bullying means, how it impacts people and how to take a stand against it in a way that kids can relate to and understand.


The first episode will be The Last Tough Customer. In this program, The Tough Customer realizes it’s time to quit bullying and set out to find a new hobby – but can Molly ever truly change her ways?


The Last Tough Customer will be broadcast at the following times:


Monday, May 6, at 7:30am and 4pm


Monday, May 6, at 9am


Monday, May 6, at 7am and 4pm


In the second episode, So Funny I Forgot to Laugh, Arthur thinks his jokes about Sue Ellen’s sweaters are all in good fun, but her feelings are hurt.


So Funny I Forgot to Laugh will be broadcast at the following times:


Monday, May 10, at 7:30am and 4pm


Monday, May 10, at 9am


Monday, May 10, at 7am and 4pm


For more information about these two episodes, and to watch a special CET/ThinkTVFocus production about what we can all do to reduce bullying, visit or


If you're interested in learning more about this important topic and seeing the episodes before broadcast, you can join Carol Greenwald, Senior Executive Producer for WGBH Children's Programming, and Ed Bowers, Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor for the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University for a special screening at noon Friday, May 3, at this link: 


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For those of us who have driven Interstate-71/75 between Ohio and Kentucky, crossing the Brent Spence Bridge can be a nerve-racking third of a mile. And if you have to cross each day during rush hour, the trip on the double-decker can be even downright scary. The lanes are narrow, there’s nowhere to pull over and, in places, you can see straight through the grids to the water below.


This year, The Brent Spence Bridge turns 50 years old. Approximately 175,000 vehicles use this bridge each day – double what it was built to accommodate. Federal transportation officials and the National Bridge Inventory have designated the bridge as “functionally obsolete” and police and emergency medical personnel respond to more than 650 accidents and incidents on the bridge each year.


The Brent Spence Bridge Corridor Project includes construction of a new bridge, rehabilitation of the existing Brent Spence Bridge, and reconstruction of a 7.8-mile segment of I-75 from just north of the Western Hills Viaduct in Ohio to the Dixie Highway interchange in Fort Mitchell, KY. The total project is currently estimated to cost around $2.7 billion.


On the next episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr will learn more about why the Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce and the business community are supporting the rebuilding of the I-75 / Brent Spence Bridge Corridor, why transportation is important to local businesses, how long the project will take to complete, how it will affect commuters, the consequences of waiting to repair and replace the bridge and, most importantly, how the project will be funded.


Focus airs at 7:30pm Friday, May 3, on ThinkTV14 and at 12:30pm Sunday, May 5, on CET.

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CET and ThinkTV are excited to announce that we’ll be airing Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust this week. This previously untold story tells the tale of how more than 1,300 Jews escaped the Nazis by immigrating to the Philippines.


The rescue was orchestrated by Manuel Quezon, the charismatic first president of the Philippines; Paul McNutt, US High Commissioner and former governor of Indiana; an ambitious US Army Colonel named Dwight Eisenhower; and the Frieder brothers, Cincinnati-based businessmen manufacturing 2-for-a-nickel cigars in pre-WWII Manila.


Here are the broadcast times for this one-hour documentary:

Sunday, April 28, at 7pm on CET

Sunday, April 28, at 11pm on ThinkTV16

Sunday, May 5, at 10pm on ThinkTV14


For a preview of the program, as well as two related CET videos, please visit


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Have you heard about Science Wednesday on CET and ThinkTV? Each week we package some of our favorite science programs together for all you science lovers out there. That means, during primetime on Wednesdays, you can find Nature, NOVA, Secrets of the Dead, Inside Nature’s Giants and more. We also often have specials like the Truth about Exercise with Michael Mosley, Path to Violence and Life on Fire in the Science Wednesday line-up.


This week we’ll be bringing you Nature: The Mystery of Eels, NOVA: Australia’s First 4 Billion Years – Life Explodes, and Guts with Michael Mosley.


Here’s more information about each of those programs.


Nature: The Mystery of Eels

8pm on CET and ThinkTV16

A look at the mystery of the eel and the strange behavior it inspires in those who seek to know it.



NOVA: Australia’s First 4 Billion Years – Life Explodes

9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

The amazing story of Australia’s origins features dinosaurs, deadly asteroids and giant kangaroos.



Guts with Michael Mosley

10pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Medical imagery is used to take viewers on a remarkable journey through the digestive system.

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