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Cincinnati Roadshow: April 1, April 8 & April 15



Ever since CET first got word that Antiques Roadshow was coming to Cincinnati last summer, the Queen City has been buzzing. We had a record number of ticket request to come to the taping event, we’ve gotten to see some of the city’s most fantastic antiques and oddities, and we’ve made some wonderful new friends.


Taping the three Cincinnati episodes of Antiques Roadshow was a whirlwind day and, even though people had to wait in line to see appraisers and many found out their items weren’t as rare as they’d hoped, everyone still seemed to have an awesome time.


Starting at 8pm Monday, April 1, on CET and ThinkTV16, we’ll all finally get to see that one, long day turned into three entertaining episodes of Antiques Roadshow! Where did that giant Abraham bust come from? Is a vase with a dragon on it worth something? What does Reds memorabilia mean to collectors around the country?


Here’s the broadcast information:


Episode 1: 8pm Monday, April 1, on ThinkTV16 and CET

Episode 2: 8pm Monday, April 8, on CET and ThinkTV16

Episode 3: 8pm Monday, April 15, on ThinkTV16 and CET


For more information, including photos from the taping and our special invitation-only events with the Roadshow crew, visit

Posted on: 03/28/2013 • Station News

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