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Entertaining, educating your little ones this holiday season


The holidays are the perfect time to get your family to help with the cooking. The kids are home from school, you have to juggle five potlucks, there are a zillion cookies to make…


If you have little soon-to-be chefs at home, take a look at the PBS Kitchen Explorers webpage. It is packed with wonderful recipes, including cheesy stuffed bread, chocolate and caramel pretzel turtles, Bunuelos with honey and much more that are easy to make with your kids – there’s even a guide to baking gluten free cutout cookies with icing.


If your kids aren’t entirely into helping in the kitchen, then take a break from the holiday craziness and enjoy some PBS Kids programs with them. ThinkTV and CET’s broadcasts are packed with fun, educational programming all day to help little ones learn while having a good time. For our viewers up North, ThinkTV14 Learn features those programs all day long. PBS Kids also has a huge variety of games and activities for young learners available on computers, tablets and smart phones.


Visit our station websites and check out the Kids and Family pages for links to these activities and more at or  The direct link to Kitchen Explorers is


Do you have a favorite activity you do with the kids at the holidays? Any suggestions for fellow parents looking to get their kids involved in the traditions? Tell us in the comments!

Posted on: 12/13/2012 • Education

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