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The summer of intrigue is back with a bittersweet ending and new beginning.


Inspector Lewis – a favorite of many – will start the sixth and final season at 9pm Sunday, June 16, on ThinkTV16 and CET. In the first episode, “Down Among the Fearful,” a psychic is found murdered and Lewis and Hathaway discover that the victim is really an Oxford psychology research fellow living a double life.


The second episode, “The Rambling Boy,” will air at 9pm Sunday, June 23, the team investigate the discovery of an elderly man’s body in a field – a body that’s already been embalmed! Peter Davison of Doctor Who guest stars on this episode.


The third and final Inspector Lewis will be broadcast at 9pm Sunday, June 30. In “Intelligent Design” Lewis and Hathaway examine the brutal death of a chemistry professor recently released from prison. As more casualties emerge, Lewis begins to question his future on the force.


The intrigue continues into July with the first season of Endeavour, the story of the young life of Inspector Morse back when he was just Constable Morse. This season is four episodes long and will air each Sunday in July at 9pm.


Are you an Inspector Lewis fan? What will you miss most about the series after this season ends? Tell us in the comments!


Preview of Inspector Lewis Season VI:

Watch Inspector Lewis: Series 6 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

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When you watch Antiques Roadshow from the comfort of your own home, you see a smooth-running operation and the widest range of antiques on television. But what really happens when 6,000 people descend on a city’s taping with everything from a decorative Swedish commode to a glamorous Mae West headdress? And how do you plan and organize for that many people to show up with their items all in one day?


Now you can get a glimpse behind the Roadshow curtain with Cincinnati Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes. This locally-produced show will air at 8pm Monday, June 3, on ThinkTV16 and CET.


The 2012 taping was the second time Antiques Roadshow visited Cincinnati – and the Queen City broke records for the number of ticket requests at more than 37,000. Although many of those who attended were there to see what their items were worth, some attended just for the true Antiques Roadshow experience: going through the lines, seeing what everyone else brought, meeting other enthusiasts and getting to talk with famous appraisers. Of course the lucky few leave knowing their item is a true valuable treasure.


Cincinnati Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes shows how, despite all the excitement, the Roadshow staff and volunteers keep the antiques machine running smoothly.


“While the interviews are insightful, the strength of this special is revealed in the exciting, chaotic and deadline driven world that you’ll only see behind the scenes of Antiques Roadshow,” said Richard Wonderling, Cincinnati Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes writer/producer.


For more information, visit or

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Wednesday, May 29th, will be a big night for NOVA as the show tackles two timely topics: the Boston bombers manhunt and the Oklahoma tornadoes.


Manhunt – Boston Bombers, which airs at 9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET, looks at how, in the wake of the Boston bombings, investigators transformed the chaos of the bombing into a coherent trail of clues pointing to the accused killers. NOVA follows the manhunt step by step, examining the role of modern technology combined with old-fashioned detective work, in cracking the case.


Then, following the horrible destruction of the May 20th tornadoes in Oklahoma, NOVA is putting together a new special to air at 10pm on CET and ThinkTV16 called Oklahoma’s Killer Tornadoes.



Oklahoma’s Killer Tornadoes will combine new information and footage from Oklahoma with segments from the previously broadcast NOVA episode Deadliest Tornadoes. Oklahoma’s Killer Tornadoes also will highlight the new radar system put in place to track tornadoes.


It’s going to be a big night of newsy NOVAs!


Here's a preview of Manhunt:

Watch Manhunt—Boston Bombers Preview on PBS. See more from NOVA.

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ThinkTV and CET are excited to invite you back to your television for the annual PBS National Memorial Day Concert on the eve of Memorial Day. This program, which was won multiple awards, has become a tradition – honoring the military service and sacrifice of all our men and women in uniform, their families at home, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.


This year’s concert is co-hosted by long-time veteran-supporters Joe Mantegna of Criminal Minds and Gary Sinise of CSI: New York. They will be joined by an all-star line-up including Gen. Colin L. Powell USA (Ret.), tenor Alfie Boe, mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, The Voice finalist Chris Mann, and the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly.


We’ll be broadcasting the National Memorial Day Concert at 8pm Sunday, May 26, on ThinkTV16 and CET. More info: or


The concert also is broadcast live on PBS and via American Forces Network to the nearly one million American service men and women stationed at bases in 175 countries and 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea, as well as Department of Defense civilians and their families overseas.

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ThinkTV and CET are getting ready to enter week two of a four part series called Constitution USA with Peter Sagal and the next episode is about one of America’s best loved, and most popular, documents – the Bill of Rights.


How well do you know the Bill of Rights? What about the First Amendment? In a recent study by The First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, surveys showed that, when asked to name the five freedoms in the Bill of Rights, 27 percent of respondents couldn’t name any.


Here is the full breakdown of what Americans knew was protected by the Bill of Rights:

Freedom of Speech: 65 percent

Freedom of Religion: 28 percent

Freedom of the Press: 13 percent

Right to Assemble: 13 percent

Right to Petition: 4 percent

(Full study for 2012:


In the next episode of Constitution USA with Peter Sagal, which will air at 9pm Tuesday, May 14, on CET and ThinkTV16, Sagal explores the history of the Bill or Rights and addresses several stories – ripped from the headlines – involving specifically the freedom of speech and the freedom or religion.


For more information, visit: or


Watch It's a Free Country - Preview on PBS. See more from Constitution USA with Peter Sagal.

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