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Everyone loves a good superhero – from the feminine strength of Wonder Woman to the outlaw allure of Wolverine, it’s great to think there are people in the world with extra special powers who can save the day.


In honor of all those superhero dreams, CET and ThinkTV16 will be presenting a three-hour superhero special from 8pm to 11pm Tuesday, Oct. 15, called Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle. Here are each of the one-hour segments and what they’re all about:


Truth, Justice and the American Way (1938-1958)

During the Depression, the popularity of dozens of superhero characters opens the door for a new generation of artists and writers. World War II creates a patriotic fervor for star-spangled adventurers to represent the American spirit at war and on the home front, but in the 1950s, superheroes are caught in the fire of government scrutiny and regulation.


Great Power, Great Responsibility (1959-1977)

In the 1960s, a new breed of superhero emerges in pages of Marvel Comics, inspired by the age of atomic energy and space travel and, in turn, inspiring the pop culture and pop artists of the time. Spider-Man, the Hulk and others are the first to have “problems” with which an adult audience can identify, and contemporary social issues make their way into comic books. Black powerhouses such as the Black Panther and Luke Cage also appear on the scene.


A Hero Can Be Anyone (1978-Present)

Superheroes are enthusiastically embraced in all forms of media and by all demographics, beginning with the historic Superman movie featuring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel. In 1986, Batman is overhauled as The Dark Knight to reflect the nocturnal underside of his character, and Watchmen brings new sophistication to comic book narratives, illuminating a violent and politicized world. In the new millennium, superheroes have taken over popular culture.

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Football, one of America’s favorite national pastimes, is overseen by the National Football League, but this multibillion-dollar commercial giant is finding itself under fire as thousands of former players claim the league has covered up football’s connection to long-term brain injuries.


In a two-hour investigation, FRONTLINE and journalists Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada reveal the hidden story of the NFL and brain injuries, drawn from their forthcoming book League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth. This special, FRONTLINE: League of Denial – The NFL Concussion Crisis, will air at 9pm Tuesday, Oct. 8, on CET and ThinkTV16.


What did the NFL know about brain injuries and when did it know it? What’s the truth about the risks to players? What can be done? This FRONTLINE investigation details how, for years, the league denied and worked to refute scientific evidence that the violent collisions at the heart of the game are linked to an alarming incidence of early onset dementia, catastrophic brain damage, and other devastating consequences for some of football’s all-time greats.


Follow all the news about the NFL Concussion Crisis through PBS’s FRONTLINE website:


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If you’re longing for a fresh dose of turn-of-the-19th-century fashion, then get ready for Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise.


This new British drama comes to ThinkTV16 and CET at 9pm on Sunday nights Oct. 6 through Nov. 17. The story, based on the classic French novel by Emile Zola, follows the stories of a gal named Denise Lovett who arrives in a booming northern city and takes a job at The Paradise, the glittering department store across from her uncle’s drapery shop.


Of course it’s not long before Denise’s beauty and talent catch the eye of the store’s dashing owner. Can Denise navigate the competing personalities of the ladieswear department and can her ingenuity save the day when she meets the challenges of a shop girl?


Here’s a preview of the first season of The Paradise thanks to BBC:

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History and science come together for the premiere of Genealogy Roadshow. The four-part program airs at 9pm Mondays from Sept. 23 through Oct. 14 on ThinkTV16 and CET.


Genealogy Roadshow’s premiere season will include people from Nashville, Austin, Detroit and San Francisco out to explore genealogical claims passed down through family history that may or may not connect them to an event or historical figure. Experts use genealogy, history and DNA along with family heirlooms, letters, pictures, historical documents and other clues to hunt down more information.  They also chat with local historians to add color and context to the investigations and family stories.


The first city featured is Nashville, a cultural crossroad in the American South – famous for country music, Civil War history, architecture, arts and much more.  Check out the preview here: or

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The first major television documentary series to chronicle the history of Latinos will premiere on ThinkTV16 and CET over three consecutive Tuesdays – Sept. 17, Sept. 24 and Oct. 1.


The program, Latino Americans, follows the stories, struggles and triumphs of Latinos as well as how their stories have helped shape the United States and, with more than 50 million people, the largest minority group in the U.S.


Latino Americans is led by Emmy Award-winning producer Adriana Bosch and narrated by Benjamin Bratt. Many of the featured interviews include leaders from the worlds of politics, business and pop culture  —  including Herman Badillo, Dolores Huerta, Gloria Estefan and Rita Moreno, among many others  —  as well as deeply personal portraits of lesser-known Latinos who lived through key chapters in American history.


Join us at 8pm Tuesday, Sept. 17, on CET and ThinkTV16 for the first installment of this six-hour series. Find more information online here: or

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