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Attention Antiques Roadshow fans!


Last year, when it was announced that Roadshow would be coming to Cincinnati, WGBH, producing station for the series, received tens of thousands of requests to the taping. Some people had items they wanted a professional opinion about while others just wanted to be part of the Antiques Roadshow experience – but who left with good news?


Well, this April, you’ll have the answers! WGBH, has released when the three episodes taped in Cincinnati will be broadcast:


Hour 1: April 1, 2013, at 8pm

Hour 2: April 8, 2012, at 8pm

Hour 3: April 15, 2013, at 8pm


CET and ThinkTV16 will carry all three episodes on these national airdates and times.


We saw a huge variety of items during the Antiques Roadshow taping, so we’re excited to see what made the cut. The Dark Shadows-esque coffin? What about the giant Abe Lincoln bust? Collectible Star Wars memorabilia?


Were you at the Antiques Roadshow taping? What did you see? What do you think will make the show? Let us know in the comments!

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This week on Market Warriors, pickers Miller, John, Bob and Kevin are off to the races at the Burlington Antique Show in Burlington, Kentucky!


The pickers are challenged with discovering unique lighting among the 200 vendors at the show. A pair of mid-century modern lamps invites some conversation… The final picks are set to be auctioned at A.N. Abell Auction Company in Los Angeles.


Off-screen host Mark L. Walberg points out notable picks that include a Marilyn Monroe thermometer, a pair of mid-century modern chairs and a chrome headboard. The pickers are keeping their fingers crossed that they were able to hit the jackpot in Northern Kentucky.


Visit our On Demand page for a preview:


The taping of this special Market Warriors was done this summer. Were you there? Have you wandered the lanes of the Burlington Antique Show? Tell us about it in the comments!


Market Warriors airs at 9pm Monday, Oct. 29, on CET and ThinkTV16. For additional broadcast dates and time, visit our schedule page – or - and search for Market Warriors.

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Brush off your tweed suits, flowered hats and dinner jackets because Downton Abbey is back!


Season three of Downton Abbey will start January 6th, but Public Media Connect is gearing up early. We’ll be encoring the first two seasons of the historical drama starting this weekend. We know you want to relive all the twists and turns that have made Downton Abbey such a hit – what does Downton’s future look like? What will become of Mr. Bates? What will Maggie Smith say next?


So brew yourself a nice cup of tea, grab a scone and join us in remembering why we love William and Mr. Bates but hate Thomas and Sarah.


Here are the broadcast times for the encores…


Downton Abbey season one:

ThinkTV16 – Sundays at 10pm from October 28th through November 18th

ThinkTV16 Again – Mondays at 10pm from October 29th through November 19th

CET – Saturdays at 8:30pm from October 27th through November 17th

CET Arts – Wednesdays at 8pm from November 7th through November 28th


Downton Abbey season two:

ThinkTV16 – Sundays at 9pm from December 2nd through December 30th and (repeats) Sundays at 7pm from December 9th through January 6th

ThinkTV16 Again – Mondays at 9pm from December 8th through January 2nd

CET – Sundays at 9pm from December 2nd through December 30th and (repeats) Saturdays at 8pm from December 8th through January 5th

CET Arts – Wednesdays at 8pm from December 5th through January 2nd


Downton Abbey season three:

ThinkTV16: Sundays at 9pm starting January 6th and (repeats) Sundays at 7pm starting January 13th

ThinkTV16 Again: Mondays at 9pm starting January 7th

CET: Sundays at 9pm starting January 6th and (repeats) Saturdays at 8pm starting January 12th

CET Arts: Wednesdays at 8pm starting January 9th

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Books by the Banks: Cincinnati USA Book Festival will return to the region Saturday, Oct. 20. This special event features more than 100 local, regional and national authors celebrating the joy of reading and books.


Books by the Banks has something for everyone – whether you’re a new reader looking for the Kids’ Corner or an adult planning to meet with authors, pick up the next bestsellers or visit the author panels. There will be open discussions, recipe demonstrations, hands-on interactions, crafts, storybook costume characters, storytelling, musical performances and more.


This year, Public Media Connect – CET and ThinkTV - is a media sponsor. Swing by our booth, meet the CET Kids’ Club Mascot K.C. and say hello!


Books by the Banks is free and open to the public. The 2012 festival will be from 10am to 4pm Saturday, Oct. 20, at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati. Directions, parking information, the line-up of authors and the discussion panel schedule are all available on the Books by the Banks website,


Planning for this year’s festival was done by staff from organizations including the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County;  University of Cincinnati; Mercantile Library; Northern Kentucky University Steely Library; Joseph-Beth Booksellers; Clermont County Public Library; Middletown, West Chester, Trenton Public Libraries; the Lane Libraries and MidPointe Library System.


Sponsors and partners include Public Media Connect/CET, US Bank Foundation, Ohio Humanities Council, The Library Foundation of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Friends of NKU’s Steely Library, FPL, Scripps Howard Foundation, 91.7 WVXU, The Enquirer/, Cincinnati Family Magazine, WNKU,, Downtown Cincinnati Inc., AAA Corporate Travel, Metro, Ohio Virtual Academy and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.


Download the program here:


As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, just leave them in the comments! Thank you!

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Welcome to the new Public Media Connect (CET and ThinkTV) blog! I'll be using this forum as a way to share things such as special programs, station news, event updates, community highlights and more.


That said, here we go:


We’ve been celebrating “Science Wednesday” here at Public Media Connect for about six months. That means, almost every Wednesday, we’re airing Nature, NOVA, Inside Nature’s Giants and other science-oriented programs between 8pm and 10pm.


Next week, we’ll see PBS’ NOVA scienceNOW as part of Science Wednesday for the first time.


This series, which premiered in 2005, is a newsmagazine version of the popular NOVA program. Since the program’s launch, producers have included topics like dark matter, the first primates, bird brains, the 10th planet, T. Rex blood and much more.


This season’s six episodes – which are hosted by David Pogue – seem to be equally interesting and will even feature the Cincinnati Zoo! Here is the line-up:


Oct. 10: What Makes Us Human – The evolutionary roots of human traits such as language, tool-making and laughter are uncovered. In this episode, David Pogue tickles several animals at the Cincinnati Zoo to see if he can make them laugh.


Oct. 17: Can Science Stop Crime? – Scientists are pushing the limits of technology to solve horrific murders and try to prevent crimes.


Oct. 24: How Smart Can We Get – Meet people who are stretching the boundaries of what the human mind can do.


Oct. 31: Can I Eat That – Scientists put food under the microscope to uncover what’s behind the mouth-watering flavors.


Nov. 7: What are Animals Thinking – David Pogue meets and competes with a menagerie of smart critters to highlight how animals think.


Nov. 14: What Will the Future be Like – David Pogue investigates which gadgets and technologies are likely to transform our daily life.


NOVA scienceNOW airs on ThinkTV16 and CET at 10pm. For more information, visit or


If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We’d also love to know which NOVA scienceNOW episode you’re looking forward to the most!


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