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Seventy years ago, humans had never seen Earth from space. According to the Smithsonian Institute, the first picture of the blue and green planet was taken in 1946 from the back of a rocket launched 65 miles into the air. When the rocket crashed back into the desert a few minutes later, soldiers and scientists were treated to a film roll filled with grainy, black-and-white photos of the planet.


In 1950, National Geographic published the “V-2 Rocket-Eye View From 60 Miles Up” - - which included a variety of panoramic photos taken in 1948 stitched together to form the horizon.


Science and space exploration have come a long way since the 40’s, but today’s photos and video of our planet can be just as astonishing to a 21st century audience as those 35mm photos were to the people of 1946.


NOVA is presenting Earth from Space at 9pm Wednesday, Feb. 13, on CET and ThinkTV16. In this special two-hour NOVA, created in partnership with NASA, viewers will get an up-close and personal look at what our planet really looks like and how the intricate web of forces sustains life on Earth. Join us to see how dust blown from the Sahara fertilizes the Amazon, how a vast submarine “waterfall” off Antarctica helps drive ocean currents and how the sun’s rays can cause a hurricane.


One of the first photos of the Earth from Space



(Left: One of the first photos of Earth from space. Right: Image from NOVA: Earth from Space.)




Get more information and watch a preview here: or

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This week’s Downton Abbey may be the most talked about episode so far – it has blown up the Twitter-sphere, been all over the blogs and may have caused an increase in tissue sales. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here: and then pop back over to this blog for more information.


Once again, if you haven’t seen this episode, the spoilers start… Now!


In this episode of Downton Abbey  - Season 3, Episode 4 – the Crawleys faces the severest test yet with the untimely passing of one of the family’s three daughters. While millions of viewers were watching, the family celebrated the birth of a healthy baby girl only to watch the seemingly healthy mother succumb to eclampsia. It was certainly a terrible tear-jerker.


The impact of her death impacted the cast as well. Here what they had to say:

Although it’s been more than 80 years since the time of Downton Abbey, eclampsia continues to claim the lives of mothers and infants today. PBS has provided the following contact information for those seeking more information about eclampsia, pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, which are truly life-threatening conditions that are still major threats to maternal and infant health today:

Toll Free: 800-665-9341

Phone: 321-421-6957


How did this episode affect you? Are you enjoying Season 3? Let us know in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you.

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If you’re from Southwest Ohio, you’ve probably been to the Cincinnati Museum Center. You may also have heard that the museum center’s home – Union Terminal – was the inspiration for the Hall of Justice, the Metropolis meeting point for the Super Friends.


Some of those classic heroes who met at that Cincinnati-inspired Hall of Justice will be featured on the next episode of Pioneers of Television.


Superheroes on television have survived the decades – many even since the beginning. This show will feature in-depth interviews with Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Lynda Carter, Lou Ferringo, William Katt and others as well as comments about The Greatest American Hero recorded just days before creator Robert Culp passed away. Join us to learn about Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk and more!


Pioneers of Television: Superheroes will be on CET and ThinkTV16 at 8pm Tuesday, Jan. 29. For more schedule information and to see what’s on our other 11 channels, check out or


After Pioneers of Television, stay tuned for American Experience: Henry Ford at 9pm, also on CET and ThinkTV16.


Ford is no stranger to the state of Ohio – the company first opened a sales office in Cincinnati in 1909 and later opened assembly and transmission plants in the area. In 1912, Charles Franklin Kettering and the Dayton Engineering Laboratories Company designed and installed the first electric starter, which was later adopted by Henry Ford and revolutionized the car industry forever.


What are you looking forward to seeing next week? Let us know in the comments!

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“I’ve been lucky enough to live through what well might be considered the golden age of natural history filmmaking.” – Sir David Attenborough


Sir David Attenborough has been part of the natural history filmmaking world for 60 years – a witness to a huge period of change in Earth’s history. Starting this Wednesday, Nature will be dedicating a three-part special to David Attenborough’s life and work.


Attenborough’s Life Stories: Life on Camera will be broadcast Wednesday, Jan. 23, at 8pm; Attenborough’s Life Stories: Understanding the Natural World will air Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 8pm; and Attenborough’s Life Stories: Our Fragile Planet will air Wednesday, Feb. 6, at 8pm on both CET and ThinkTV16.


Whether or not you’re a usual Nature watcher, this evolution of wildlife filmmaking is a visual treat told through Attenborough’s life and lens. The previews alone are a breathtaking and include everything from volcanoes and DNA to whales and gorillas.


Check out the previews below:


Watch Attenborough's Life Stories: Part 1 Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

Watch Attenborough's Life Stories: Part 2 Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

Watch Attenborough's Life Stories: Part 3 Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

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One of the things we love about being a public television station is the ability to bring you documentaries and features from independent filmmakers – especially through shows like Independent Lens, which is moving to Monday nights on CET and will continue to air on Thursdays on ThinkTV16!


The next Independent Lens, airing at 10pm tonight on CET and 10pm on Thursday on ThinkTV16, will be Soul Food Junkies. In this documentary, filmmaker Byron Hurt looks at the long-term impacts of eating soul food, the kind of food he grew up with and that has had a profound effect on his life and southern community.


The next couple of Independent Lens episodes include Beauty is Embarrassing on January 21/January 24 and The Revisionaries on January 28/January 31. For more information about Independent Lens and the 2012-2013 season, visit


Here’s a 2012-2013 season preview:

Watch Independent Lens Season Highlights on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

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