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Bill Nye the Science Guy’s Fight for Science on POV

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We all used to know Bill Nye the Science Guy as a quirky scientific educator who taught a generation of kids through a popular TV show. But in the years since his TV debut, Bill Nye has become an advocate for the scientific community amid the growth of the anti-science movement. Nye says, “As a science educator, I am really more serious about it than ever. The people who are denying science, denying evolution, denying the efficacy of vaccinations and especially denying human climate change – we just can’t have that. We’ve got to fight this fight. I have to fight this fight.”   

POV’s Bill Nye: Science Guy is a documentary that shows Bill Nye taking on big names in the anti-science movement such as creationist Ken Ham and climate change skeptic and meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Nye states, “If we raise a generation of kids that can’t think critically, can’t think scientifically, we are headed for trouble.”

This documentary also begins to document Nye’s progress towards LightSail, a project he and the Planetary Society have been working on in honor of his late professor Carl Sagan, and illuminates Nye’s private life through interviews with his family and friends. This documentary presents an absorbing charming portrait of a man and his not so modest mission to educate and change the world.

POV’s Bill Nye: Science Guy airs Wednesday, April 18, at 10pm on CET and on ThinkTV16.2 (because of the GreatTVAuction) as well as on Sunday, April 22, at 3pm on ThinkTV16.