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"Brimestone & Glory" on POV

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The National Pyrotechnic Festival in the small town of Tultepec is a remarkable celebration of the celebration itself. Director Viktor Jakovleski exquisitely captures the immense scale of these festivities through his eye-opening documentary Brimstone & Glory, which will be broadcast on POV on Monday, July 2, at 10pm. Utilizing a range of cinematic techniques, Jakovleski guides viewers on an experiential journey into Tultepec, culminating in an explosive frenzied and caution-free ten-day event unlike any other in the world.

What makes Tutlepec’s pyrotechnics stand out is the fact that three quarters of Tultepec’s residents work in pyrotechnics, so the town is inseparable from the festival. The celebration anchors the population in a generations-old tradition of artisanal firework making. The festival is in celebration of San Juan de Dios, the patron saint of fireworks makers, offers an opportunity for artisans and craftsmen alike to show off their skills in ebullient fashion. Their technical virtuosity is apparent in the towering, whistling, multicolored explosions.

Through this unique artistic display of joy and peril and of violence and frenzy, the residents of Tultepec seek to transcend themselves and their everyday lives. Brimstone & Glory allows for a similar transcendental experience. By using a combination of shooting styles- from crafting in-the-fray handheld photography, to filming 1,500 frames per second using high speed cameras, to slapping down GoPros to capture dynamic, previously unseen vantage points- Jakovleski offers viewers an immersive dive into a wholly unique community and its remarkable dedication to celebration.

Brimstone & Glory is a transporting film,” said POV Executive Producer Justine Nagan. “Through dreamlike scenes and a heart-pounding musical score, we’re immersed in the pageantry and personal stories of those who quite literally give their lives to their craft and profession. We invite audiences to start their Fourth of July celebrations with us and this beautiful revelatory film.”

POV: Brimstone & Glory has its national broadcast and streaming debut on CET and ThinkTV16 on Monday, July 2 at 10pm, just in time for Independence Day!