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December Sleeper Picks

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Public Media Connect’s Chief Programming Officer, Jim Wiener, has his sights set on sharing his favorite CET and ThinkTV show for the month of December with you. Check out what he has marked on his calendar:


Van Morrison: Live at the Rainbow

Tuesday, November 29, at 10pm on ThinkTV16

Wednesday, November 30, at 10pm on CET

Here’s a 1973 time capsule with the famed Irish singer (then 27, and a few pounds lighter) providing scorching renditions of his trademark hits “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Moondance” and “Domino.” He’s backed by the 11-piece Caledonia Soul Orchestra. This aired on the BBC, but hasn’t been seen over here until now.


Veterans Coming Home: Cincinnati Stories

Friday, December 9, at 8:30pm on CET

Repeat Sunday, December 18, at 5pm on CET

This segment tells the stories of the challenges that Cincinnati area veterans face when coming back to reconnect with family, careers and community. This town hall helps them tell their stories and bridge the civilian/military divide. It’s part of the national Veterans Coming Home initiative.


Great British Baking Show: Christmas Masterclass

Saturdays, December 10, 17 and 24, at 3pm on CET

Sunday, December 11, at 1pm; Sunday, December 18, at 1pm and 2pm on ThinkTV16

After each of the series’ three seasons, the British bakers conducted classes on holiday treats.  All three shows have now been released so that you can wow your family and friends. Mary and Paul whip up a towering Kranekake, a mincemeat and marzipan couronne, a Genoa cake, a white chocolate and ginger cheesecake, and oh, those St. Lucia buns!  You may ingest a thousand calories by simply watching these recipes come to life.


Edward & Wallis- A Story of Love and Destiny

Saturday, December 10, at 9pm on CET

Airing on the 80th anniversary of the abdication, this bit chronicles King Edward VIII’s departure from the throne in order to marry the American socialite Wallis Simpson.

The abdication is viewed in two ways. Many romanticize it as a love for the ages with a King willing to surrender the crown he possessed for less than a year to be with his lady. It’s also viewed as the means for a country to rid itself of a national embarrassment, as Ms. Simpson was viewed as a tart and gold digger and Edward was a Nazi sympathizer. In fact the year following the abdication, the couple visited Germany and met Adolf Hitler.

When the war broke out, Edward was shuttled out of the way with an appointment as Governor of the Bahamas. After the war, the couple settled in France.


Let’s Have Some Church Detroit Style

Friday, December 16, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

The 25 Hallelujah Singers and their charismatic director, Dr. E. LaQuint Weaver, provide music that dares you not to stand up and shake it. Between the rousing songs are portraits of seven choir members —young and old. This is not “a holiday music special”, even though, we have many this month. This is most definitely inspirational music full of community and convictions.


CSO Presents Lumenocity: Re-Imagine

Sunday, December 18, at 4pm on CET

If you missed it last August, enjoy this encore performance—a mix of classical music from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and dazzling visuals (not a light show, but “architectural projection mapping”) from the Taft Theatre.  Those laser light shows set to Pink Floyd music in the ‘70’s will look positively quaint by comparison.


Beatrix Potter with Patricia Routledge

Thursday, December 22, at 9pm on CET

You know Ms. Routledge as Hyacinth Bouquet in the Brit-com classic Keeping Up Appearances. You also know her as the internationally beloved children’s author (The Tale of Peter Rabbit). What you don’t know is that Ms. Routledge is a huge fan of Potter’s – a patron, no less, of the Beatrix Potter Society.

This tribute comes in commemoration of Ms. Potter’s 150th birthday. We see the Cumbrian farmland she called home, a detailed look at her classic illustrations, and the release of The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots, a story written just prior to World War I, but never published.


Sturgeon Queens

Monday, December 26, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

14 years ago, Rick Sebak’s Sandwiches That You Will Like put Katz’s Deli in New York City on my culinary bucket list. I was finally able to get there this past spring, and their corned beef sandwich was not exactly chopped liver. Actually it WAS chopped liver, or rather that was on the sandwich as well. I don’t want to say it was substantial, but that Tuesday lunch ties me over until Thursday breakfast.

Then I saw Sturgeon Queens and discovered Russ & Daughters, another food Mecca just one block from Katz’s on the Lower East Side (a five point penalty for cultural mixing metaphors). How could I miss it? Another pilgrimage is in order.

The Sturgeon Queens are Hattie Russ Gold and Anne Russ Federman. They were respectively 100 and 92 years old when this film was made. Hattie died shortly after filming while Anne retired and is living in Florida. Their father, Joel Russ, opened his smoked fish store in 1920. 13 years later, he renamed the store Russ and Daughters after making them business partners. Many family businesses took on the name “and Sons,” but Russ and his wife only had daughters. The store endures at the same address for 96 years. Among its recent customers are celebrity chef Mario Batali, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Storm of the Century: the Blizzard of ‘49

Monday, December 26, at 9pm on CET

Wednesday, December 28, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

The winter of ’49 saw devastating storms in the Great Plains and mountain states over four months. The snowfall from January 2nd to the 5th was up to 30 inches in some areas with persistent 50+mph winds.  Some drifts were reported up to 40 feet deep. 12 died in Wyoming alone, but with the massive suffering and lives lost, there were also many stories of hope and heroism, sacrifice and generosity. So bundle up, stay inside, and be grateful for the gray drizzle outside. From Wyoming PTV.