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Film Presented by ThinkTV and CET Wins “People Choice” Award

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“Sinner Victim Saint,” a film presented to the 2015 PBS Online Film Festival by Public Media Connect, ThinkTV and CET, won the “People’s Choice” top honor.

 “Sinner Victim Saint” follows Isaac, a newlywed husband who has recently lost his wife in a tragic car accident. After her funeral, a dark turn of events leads Isaac to a meeting with a sinister man who claims he can bring his wife back from the dead. There’s a catch, though; in order to bring her back, Isaac learns that he must sacrifice his life for hers. The film was directed and written by Moses Flores, who spent the first three years of his career writing and directing TV commercials and web videos for corporate clients. In 2012, after a long creative rut, he made the decision to jump head first into the world of independent filmmaking. “Sinner Victim Saint” debuted in 2014 at the Eichelberger Film Dayton Festival and won the Ohio Shorts Audience Choice Award. 

The PBS Online Film Festival is part of a multi-platform strategy to increase the reach and visibility of independent film on PBS and its member stations. The strategy drawa on strategic scheduling, digital content and distribution, social media and marketing to shine a spotlight on this important content.

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