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Grantchester and Mr. Selfridge Back on Sunday Nights

Posted by Kellie May on

As the end of Downton Abbey starts to settle in on Sunday nights, we’re bringing back two great shows we hope you love (almost) as much this week – Mr. Selfridge and Grantchester.

Season two of Grantchester, which begins at 9pm Sunday, March 27, on ThinkTV16 and CET, brings the vicar and the detective back together for a slew of new murders, mysteries and adventures. Crime-solving partners Reverend Sidney Chambers and Inspector Geordie Keating face some truly difficult challenges this season – false accusations, prison, Sidney’s love life…

The fourth – and, sadly, final – season of Mr. Selfridge follows the story of the ever dramatic Harry Selfridge, American founder of the London department store, Selfridge & Co. In this season, Harry tries to seal the deal to save his mercantile empire as creditors close in while navigating new love, the press, the mob and more.

Learn more about both of these shows, see an episode run-down, watch previews and more here:

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