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"MAKERS" Returns with Six New Episodes

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Women have fought their way into nearly every sphere of American Life over the last five decades – from the battlefield to the comedy club – and it hasn’t always been easy. The women who have paved the way in comedy, Hollywood, space, business, politics and war will be featured in a new season of MAKERS starting Tuesday, Sept. 30.


The new six-part series expands on the critically acclaimed three-hour PBS documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America, which premiered in February 2013, and told the story of the American women’s movement over the last half-century. More than 4.3 million viewers tuned into the 2013 MAKERS premiere and it was trending #1 on Twitter worldwide for over four hours on premiere night.


In a quote from a MAKERS press release, MAKERS Founder and Executive Producer said, “MAKERS is not just a media project, it is a movement. Each documentary in this six-part series examines the impact of the women’s movement on six fields once largely closed to women. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media reports that since 1946, gender inequality on screen has remained largely unchanged and unchecked and our goal at MAKERS is to help change that statistic.”


MAKERS: Women in Comedy

September 30 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Track the rise of women in the world of comedy, from the “dangerous” comedy of 70s sitcoms like “Maude” to the groundbreaking women of the 1980s American comedy club boom to today’s multifaceted landscape.


MAKERS: Women in Hollywood

October 7 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Follow the women of showbiz, from the earliest pioneers to present-day power players, as they influence the creation of one of the country’s biggest commodities: entertainment.


MAKERS: Women in Space

October 14 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Trace the history of women pioneers in the U.S. space program. Some, like aviators Wally Funk and Jerrie Cobb, passed the same grueling tests as male astronauts, only to be dismissed by NASA, the military and even Lyndon Johnson, as a distraction. It wasn’t until 1995 that Eileen Collins became the first woman to pilot a spacecraft.


MAKERS: Women in War

October 21 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Track American women’s increasing participation in war — from Vietnam to the present — as nurses, soldiers, journalists, diplomats and spies.


MAKERS: Women in Business

October 28 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Hear about the exceptional women — past and present — who have taken the world of business by storm. Told by female business leaders themselves, this is a candid exploration of what it takes to make it and a celebration of the extraordinary individuals who, over the course of 50 years, have proven — on Wall Street, in corporate America or business empires of their own — that a woman’s place is wherever she believes it to be. 


MAKERS: Women in Politics

October November 4 at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

View profiles of women in public office who were “firsts” in their fields. From the first woman elected to Congress in 1916 to a young woman running for Detroit City Council in 2013, the documentary explores the challenges confronting American women in politics.