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Mark Twain Encores August 28 & September 4

Posted by Kellie May on

When you think of Mark Twain, you probably think of the classics like Hunk Finn or The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. But did you know these adventures are based upon his life in Hannibal, Missouri, where he grew up as Samuel Clemens? And that Twain led an unusual life himself?

We’re encoring Ken Burns’ Mark Twain, a two-part special about the author, at 8pm on August 28 and September 4 on CET and ThinkTV16.

Burns said the documentary is not just about Twain’s life, but that it’s more of a “dual biography” of both Clemens and Twain as two individuals. Samuel Clemens – a boy from Hannibal – lived a typical life hanging out with friends, playing pranks and enjoying a normal childhood. These are the stories that will later inspire his greatest classics. But as he grew older, Clemens’ overall life as a successful author became a story of loss, financial struggles and pessimism, even though much of the world saw him as the literary celebrity Mark Twain.

Ken Burns explores the dual lives of Sam Clemens and Mark Twain in this documentary, which you can explore online at or