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Public Media Connect Launches STEM World

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After more than a year of project planning, resource gathering and website building, Public Media Connect is excited to announce the official launch of our online STEM Education hub called STEM World. STEM World has something for everyone and is packed with local talent and resources.

STEM World is separated into three main sections: kids, teens and adults. Each section has a slew of links to online video channels related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – like Science with Mike featuring Mike Canestaro of Sinclair Community College and Full STEAM Ahead featuring science educator and former PBS Digital Innovator Kevin “Mister C” Cornell – as well as other resources, like Local STEM Adventures, Local STEM Events, Games and Interactives and more.

We’re also featuring previous ThinkTV projects, including the STEM Career Lab, Engineering Your Future and Career Connection, alongside some of the best Science and Math programming from across the PBS network. You’ll find links to PBS Digital productions like Space Time, Gross Science and Physics Girl as well as more traditional shows like NOVA and Nature. There also are Classroom Resources for educators who are interested in upping their STEM game in the classroom with the help of STEM World.

This project has been something we’ve loved for more than a year now and we hope you love it too. Explore STEM World online at