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Special Programming on New Year’s Day

Posted by Kellie May on

Our sister station, ThinkTV, will be airing a variety of wellness shows on New Year’s Day to help you start 2019 in a healthier way. These shows will air from 10am to 6pm on ThinkTV16 and from 10am to midnight on ThinkTV14. CET and ThinkTV are part of the same organization. Not sure if you can get ThinkTV channels? Check the ThinkTV channel guide: http://www.thinktv.org/air/television-channel-guide/.

Here’s a rundown:



10am: Easy Yoga – The Secret to Strength and Balance with Peggy Cappy

11am: Feel Better Fast and Make it Last with Daniel Amen, MD

1pm: Eat to Live with Joel Fuhrman, MD

3pm: Meditation for Us All

4pm: Healthy Brain – Happy Life with Dr. Suzuki



10am: Aging Backwards 2 with Miranda Esmonde-White

11am: Meditation for Us All

12pm: Brain Secrets with Dr. Michael Merzenich

2pm: Joy Bauer’s from Junk Food to Joy Food

4pm: 3 Steps to Incredible Health! With Joel Fuhrman, MD

5:30pm: Incredible Aging: Adding Life to Your Years

7pm: The Brain Body Mind Connection with Dr. Rudy Tanzi & Dr. Deepak Chopra

8:30pm: The Healing Mind with Dr. Martin Rossman

10pm: Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions for You