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"The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama" continues on CET, ThinkTV16

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The program The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama premiered on March 25th on both CET and ThinkTV16. We aired the first two episodes, Among Believers and In the Beginning, and will follow up this week with the last three episodes in the series: A Leap of Faith, Over the Rainbow and Return.


According to the press release on the program, the five-hour series follows Schama as he travels from Russia and the Ukraine to Egypt, Israel and Spain, exploring the imprint that Jewish culture has made on the world and the drama of suffering, resilience and rebirth that has gone with it.


The series is, at the same time, a personal journey for Schama, who has been immersed in Jewish history since his postwar childhood; a meditation on its dramatic trajectory; and a macro-history of a people whose mark on the world has been out of all proportion to its modest numbers.


Here are details about the three parts still to air. You can watch the two previously broadcasted episodes online for free below or at http://video.thinktv.org or http://watch.cetconnect.org.


Story of the Jews with Simon Schama: A Leap of Faith

Tuesday, April 1, at 8pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

Simon Schama explores how the Enlightenment allowed Jews to integrate into modern European culture.


Story of the Jews with Simon Schama: Over the Rainbow

Tuesday, April 1, at 9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

This episode chronicles how the Jewish people of Eastern Europe made their mark on the modern world.


Story of the Jews with Simon Schama: Return

Tuesday, April 1, at 10pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

Examine how the Holocaust and creation of Israel changed what it means to be Jewish with Simon Schama.


Watch the first and second episodes here: 


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