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Supernature Explores the Wonders of Flight

Posted by Kellie May on

The sky is one of the world’s most challenging places to thrive, but across the planet an extraordinary and unexpected range of animals does something we can only dream of – takes to the air. Flight is one of nature’s greatest innovations. In a new three-part series, Supernature: Wild Flyers, we’ll explore the remarkable powers of airborne animals using cutting-edge camera technology and computer-generated graphics. The series, which premieres Wednesday, June 29, at 8pm on CET and ThinkTV16, details incredible physical adaptations and makes new discoveries that reveal how these animals have mastered the sky, as well as how taking flight is used as a survival mechanism.

Here’s the scoop on all three upcoming episodes:

Defying Gravity

Premieres at 8pm Wednesday, June 29, on ThinkTV16 and CET

Explore the basic principles of flight to see how animals become airborne in the first place. From leapers to gliders and those that effortlessly fly, each creature has special techniques. But all must overcome a powerful force — gravity. Animals featured in this episode include caracals, wood duck chicks, vultures, flying squirrels, paradise tree snakes, flying fish and many more.

Masters of the Sky

Premieres at 8pm Wednesday, July 6, on CET and ThinkTV16

Many animals take to the skies for a split second, but to stay there, the planet’s strongest flyers push the laws of physics to the limit. Explore the extremes of true flight: power, acceleration, top speed, maneuverability and endurance. Animals that appear in this episode include the peregrine falcon, Japanese rhinoceros beetle, sparrowhawk and the booted racket-tailed hummingbird, among others. 

Crowded Skies

Premieres at 8pm Wednesday, July 13, on ThinkTV16 and CET

The sky is a crowded world where mammals, birds and insects hunt, escape, mate, defend territory, sleep and even die on the wing. Survival up there depends not just on beating gravity or mastering flight, but also out-flying the competition. Animals featured in the final episode include the gannet bird, African skimmer, kingbird, glasswing butterfly and many more.