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“The Amazing Body” Premieres on September 19

Posted by Kellie May on

From red blood cells traveling through your veins with the protection of the white blood cells, to your brain sending signals to your legs to run that mile, the body is full of spectacular processes. But how do these processes actually work?

Find out with The Amazing Human Body, a three part documentary airing Wednesday, September 19, at 8pm on CET and ThinkTV16. The documentary will show these processes using cutting-edge graphics that will help reveal the beautiful truth in vivid detail.

Explore the one entity that’s encompasses the fastest computer, the best lens known to man and the ability to adapt to almost any environment on our planet, our body. As said in the official preview, “Everybody has a body, and everybody is amazing.”

Case studies from around the world will reveal just how amazing our bodies truly are – down to our ability to block pain and shiver to stay alive.

The first episode, Grow, which airs at 8pm tells the story of extraordinary human growth. The journey through life involves the most remarkable physical change on the planet – from a single cell to an incredible walking, talking sentient being of 37 trillion cells, in a process of growth that lasts an entire lifetime. Adults may think they have stopped growing, but that couldn’t be more wrong, as almost every part of the body is continually rejuvenated and regrown.

The second episode, Survive, airs at 9pm and explores how our bodies are able to survive for 100 years or more! It will go into detail about how our bodies go to war to protect itself from bacteria and viruses, and how the body repairs itself after such battles.

The final episode, Learn, airs at 10pm and looks at how our experiences shape our minds and bodies – from when we’re helpless infants to when we become the most sophisticated organism on Earth. This episode explores how we learn new skills and form memories through the journey that never truly ends.