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Three-Part Natural Born Rebels Premieres

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    Lying, cheating, stealing… rebels do what they want, when they want and how they want if it gets them ahead. Sometimes being a rebel is seen as a bad thing, but could rebels in the animal kingdom be beneficial?

     In a new 3-part series by NATURE, Natural Born Rebels takes a look at the rebels in the animal kingdom.  Across the world, new studies are uncovering an astonishing variety of insubordinate animal behaviors, and despite how it appears on the surface, researchers are discovering the complex and fascinating science behind why these animals behave the way they do.  From a promiscuous prairie dog to a kleptomaniac crab, this series watches these rebels in their natural habitat and sees if they could be the key to balance in the wild.

     This week, the second episode in the series, “Survival” airs.  This episode focuses on how these animals use their rebellious ways to stay alive.  Cockatoos turn to vandalism, boxer crabs hold anemones hostage, sloths become filthy, puff adders have an ‘invisibility cloak’ to hide themselves, and chimps use violence to stay in power.  Tune in at 8pm Wednesday, May 2, on CET or ThinkTV 16 to watch these rebels in action.