Burbank on Burbank

Gary BurbankSince 1981 Gary Burbank was a mainstay on 700 WLW, creating memorable characters and bits that are part of Cincinnati Radio legend. Now you can discover more about the man behind Earl Pitts, Gilbert Gnarley and countless other characters.

John Kiesewetter Days before Gary Burbank retired from WLW Radio in December 2007, CET invited Burbank to sit down with John Kiesewetter, TV/Media writerfor The Cincinnati Enquirer and someone who has followed Burbank throughout his career. They spent several hours talking about Burbank's career -- everything from his beginning in radio in his hometown of Memphis, Tenn., to his retirement from the airwaves in December of 2007.

Kevin ''Doc'' WolfeFor several of the episodes, Gary is joined by former co-worker Kevin "Doc" Wolfe, in particular for the interview in which he discusses how he came up with some of his on-air personalities as well as the funny phone calls and his daily "Sports or Consequences" trivia show.

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In this first episode, John Kiesewetter elicits a sampling of some of our favorite Burbank characters.

Long-time Burbank sidekick Kevin “Doc” Wolfe sits in on this episode of "Burbank on Burbank," which centers on Gilbert Gnarley.

In this episode, Gary Burbank discusses how 700WLW sports personalities provided great entertainment on his daily "Sports or Consequences" trivia segment.

This last episode of "Burbank on Burbank" gets sentimental, as Gary harkens back to his childhood.