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This notice is for Spectrum viewers who connect directly to Spectrum without using a set top box.

Spectrum recently announced that they will no longer provide an analog television service. Customers who connect directly to Spectrum without using a set top box have been notified that they will now need a Digital Adapter in order to receive Spectrum’s digital service.  Some CET and ThinkTV14 channels have changed channel numbers due to the switch from analog to digital. CET and ThinkTV14 channels can be found here:

Channel #

CET HD (48.1)                                                1013

CET ARTS (48.2)                                           987

CET Create (48.3)                                          988

ThinkTV14 HD (14.1)                                       1014

ThinkTV14Prime (14.2)                                    983

ThinkTV14World (14.3)                                    984

ThinkTV14Learn (14.4)                                    985

Channels available to Spectrum customers can vary depending on where you live, for more information about the Spectrum Digital Adapter and a list of a list of channels available in your TV plan go to

Whether you watch us on cable, digital cable or over-the-air, there have never been so many options for finding CET!

Viewing MethodChannel / Number / Requirements
Without cable or satellite
CET HD48.1HDTV only
CET Create48.2DTV only
CET Arts48.3DTV only
CET HD1013Digital cable with HD set-top box only
CET Create988Digital cable
CET Arts987Digital cable
Northern Kentucky
CET HD916Digital cable with HD set-top box only
CET Create219Digital cable
CET Arts192Digital cable
Batesville, Indiana
CET7Basic cable, no set-top box
7Analog cable with set-top box
7Digital cable
CET1013Digital Cable
Cincinnati Bell Fiber Optics
CET13Fioptics Basic
CET Create7Fioptics Basic
CET Create296Fioptics Plus
CET Arts20Fioptics Basic
CET Arts297Fioptics Plus