Clooney on Clooney

Nick ClooneyNick Clooney in 1995 as host of American Movie Classics Cincinnati has long known -- and claimed -- journalist, author and television personality Nick Clooney. He was our most trusted television news reporter and we wished him well when he pursued his career on the west coast. We welcomed him back with open arms and eagerly read his columns in The Cincinnati Post, and we enjoyed his appearances on the American Movie Classics cable channel as he introduced and talked about our favorite films.

CJohn KiesewetterET has had a long and treasured association with Nick. In mid 2009, then CET program director Grace Hill invited him to talk about his career and life so that CET could share his thoughts with our community. He sat down with John Kiesewetter, TV/Media writer for John Kiesewetter The Cincinnati Enquirer. They spent several hours talking about Clooney's career -- everything from his beginning in radio in his hometown of Maysville, Kentucky, to his 2004 congressional campaign -- and about his family.

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Which part of Nick's career was the most rewarding?

Nick relates stories about his family and their careers.

Nick Clooney and interviewer John Kiesewetter talk indepth about Nick's career.

John Kiesewetter's interview series with Nick Clooney continues with an in-depth discussion of Nick's television news career.

In this final segment of the series ''Clooney on Clooney'', Nick and John discuss Nick's work after his long tenure in television news.