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Asthma and Young Athletes

Learning Services Manager Jason Dennison and Pediatrician Dr. Denise Saker

CET, as part of a partnership with the American Lung Association, has been providing asthma awareness workshops for caregivers, teachers and parents for about five years. This year, for the first time, Greater Cincinnati’s public television station is hosting a similar workshop for coaches and physical education teachers.


CET’s Learning Services Manager Jason Dennison, along with Pediatrician Dr. Denise Saker with the Cincinnati Health Department's Elm Street Health Center and Frank Little a registered respiratory therapist at St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s Respiratory Therapy Department, was featured on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition on July 24 to talk about asthma in young athletes, what parents and coaches can do if a child has asthma or asthmatic symptoms, and CET’s workshop.

Listen online here.


For more information about exercise-induced asthma, please take a look at this video, produced by CET with support from American Lung Association in Ohio and the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

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