Remembering Lincoln

LincolnSubject: United States History
Grade Level: Grades 6-8 and 9-10

Researched and written by Karen Regina.

History Standard

  • Grades 6-8, Benchmark G - analyze the causes and consequences of the American Civil War
  • Grade 8, Indicator 9g - explain causes of the Civil War with emphasis on the emergence of Abraham Lincoln as a national figure

Social Studies Skills and Methods

  • Grades 6-8, Benchmark A - analyze different perspectives on a topic obtained from a variety of sources
  • Grade 7, Indicator 1 - describe historical events and issues from the perspectives of people living at the time in order to avoid evaluating the past in terms of today's norms and values Grades 9-10, Benchmark A - evaluate the reliability and credibility of sources
  • Grade 9, Indicator 1 - detect bias and propaganda in primary and secondary sources of information.

National Council for the Social Studies
Time, Continuity, & Change

  • Middle Grades - Grades identify and use processes important to reconstructing and reinterpreting the past, such as using a variety of sources
  • High School - investigate, interpret, and analyze multiple historical and contemporary viewpoints... related to important events...

National History Standards
Historical Comprehension

  • E - appreciate historical perspectives

Historical Analysis and Interpretation

  • E - compare different stories about a historical figure, era, or event

History's Habits of the Mind from National Council for History Education
Historical Empathy

  • perceive past events and issues as they were experienced by people at the time, to develop historical empathy as opposed to present-mindedness

People Who Made a Difference

  • recognize the importance of individuals who have made a difference in history, and the significance of personal character for both good and ill

Lincoln and SonOBJECTIVES
Students will:

  • appreciate the legacy of Abraham Lincoln as man and President
  • analyze different perspectives on Lincoln
  • synthesize information from a variety of sources to express their understandings in a new form
  • explain the perspectives of people living at the time
  • develop historical empathy

TIME NEEDED: Approx. two 45-55 minute class sessions


Download the "Rememering Lincoln" lesson plan (.PDF)

Funding for this project is provided by a generous grant from The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation.