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Listed below are the dates and times for Ohio Ready To Learn 1, 2, 3 and Breathe Easy: Asthma. These are FREE, Step-Up-To-Quality (SUTQ) workshops that are open to the public. In-Service forms for 2 or 6 hours are provided.

Parents, child-care providers, teachers and center staff are welcome to attend.


Ohio Ready to Learn 1: Professionalism and Ethics in Early Childhood Programs ***SUTQ-Approved***

Participants will examine the National Association for the Education of Young Children's Code of Ethical Conduct and learn how to use the code to recognize and resolve ethical dilemmas in the early childhood environment. Using Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards as a guide, participants will also practice planning learning experiences that will help young children to build positive relationships with others.


Ohio Ready to Learn 2: Building Partnerships between Families and Early Childhood Professionals ***SUTQ-Approved***

Participants will practice incorporating families' knowledge of their children in programming decisions. Participants will also practice effectively communicating with parents about sensitive topics. Finally, participants will learn to create environments and experiences that support the development of an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity in young children.


Ohio Ready to Learn 3: Including Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Programs ***SUTQ-Approved***

Participants will examine and discuss the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to the early childhood care environment. Participants will also be able to describe several methods of adapting environments and experiences for individual children, including children with special needs. Finally, participants will plan learning experiences that will help young children to be able to identify similarities and differences of personal, family and cultural characteristics.


Breathe Easy: Asthma (New Workshop) ***SUTQ-Approved***

Likely you have, or will have, a child in your care who has asthma. Do you know how to help that child avoid having asthma episodes, and what to do if an episode occurs? This workshop gives you the information and resources you need to provide excellent care for a child with asthma. After attending this session, over 50% of people who care for children with asthma report seeing an improvement in the child’s symptoms. See what a difference you can make!




May 21, 2016



513-777-3131 opt. 2

Butler County

Location of Workshop

MidPointe Library West Chester

9363 Centre Pointe Drive

West Chester, OH 45069


1:30PM- 3:30PM


ORTL 3: Including Children with Special Needs in Early Childhood Programs


Natalie Reder




To register: go to https://login.occrra.org and then click on the BLUE button to “Sign In” or “Create a Profile” (for first-time users). Fill in the required fields. Check your email for a message from “OPDN.org Registration” for your username, assigned OPIN number and to set your password. Please remember to take your OPIN number with you at the workshops!

Now, the FINAL steps on how to pick the workshop date(s) that you would like to attend:

  1. Go back to https://login.occrra.org and sign in with your username and password On the green tab, click “Training Search”.
  2. Click "I Agree" under the Disclaimer Statement Click "Go to basic search"
  3. Select date range
  4. For Training Title Search, type the following choices (no quotations) in the
  5. box:
  6. “Breathe Easy” (Super Saturday at CET) – note that the Super Saturday is 6 hours, not 2 hours (as listed).
  7. Select "No" next to "Select all counties?"
  8. Select the county you prefer
  9. Click the blue "Search" box
  10. Click "More Information" on the far right to register at your preferred location, then click on the BLUE button: “Register for this training”.

You’re done!!!