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About Educational Technology @ CET

CET is one of eight Educational Technology Agencies (EdTechs) in Ohio. Our staff provides professional development in the use of classroom technologies and instructional strategies to K-12 school districts throughout our viewing area.

Educators can choose from regularly scheduled workshops or work with CET to design on-site instruction for your staff.

To learn more about statewide educational technology efforts, please visit


  • Learning for the Digital Age explores the role of technology in supporting critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication …more 
  • Learning for the Mobile Age addresses some of the challenges brought on by mobile learning …more 
  • Learning to be Digital Citizens examines the challenges of using social media tools for education to monitoring your personal ‘digital footprint’ …more 
  • Makers & Shakers: Making Things for Deeper Learning builds on a widespread movement toward using hands-on activities to cement learning new concepts …more 
  • E-Books & E-Readers explores options for obtaining E-books and increase your understanding of how E-books are created …more 
  • Online Resources / PBS Resources emphasizes high-quality, instructional resources available from proven sites such as Ohio iTunes U, the Ohio Resource Center, Thinkfinity, and the new PBS Learning Media collection …more 
  • Digital Storytelling with Multimedia is a creative process in which a traditional story (or assignment) is combined with personal digital technology …more 
  • Teaching in the 'Cloud' makes it easy for colleagues to work simultaneously on a collaborative project, and to share access to online resources with everyone …more 
  • Serious Games for Serious Learning willintroduce you to educational game theory and practice, and give you the opportunity to design your own game …more 
  • iPad Apps for the PreK-6 Classroom will look at a collection of noteworthy apps for the K-6 classroom that are worth considering. These will cover a variety of curriculum areas and grade levels …more 
  • iPad Apps for the 7-12 Classroom emphasizes strategies for using the iPad for presentation, communication, creativity and collaboration in the upper grades …more