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Will deporting undocumented workers take us back to the Great Recession?

Will deporting undocumented workers take us back to the G...

Implementing a mass deportation of undocumented workers would reduce cumulative GDP over 10 years by $4.7 trillion.

Here’s what Clinton and Trump plan on immigration
PBS NewsHour

Here’s what Clinton and Trump plan on immigration

No doubt Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have dramatically different approaches on immigration.

Trump, Clinton and immigration

Trump, Clinton and immigration

Amid the whirlwind coverage of Donald Trump's trip to Mexico and his immigration speech, one thing may be lost: what Hillary Clinton would do.


5 things to know about Obama's enforcement of immigration...

Five things to know about how President Obama has enforced immigration laws over the past eight years.

PBS NewsHour

Trump immigration waffle reflects voter confusion on issue

It has been 30 years since the country embarked on an immigration overhaul, and the ambivalence of voters is one reason why.


Today’s immigration debate rooted in ‘Reagan amnesty,’ ex...

For more than a decade, lawmakers have been pointing at their counterparts to take the blame for what just about everyone agrees is a broken immigration system.

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