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The Amazing Human Body

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 8pm on CET

Explore the internal mechanics of the human body through pioneering graphics and captivating scientific case studies. Witness the fascinating and finely tuned systems that keep the body motoring and the scientists guessing.

The Amazing Human Body: GrowThe Amazing Human Body: Grow
Wednesday, September 19, at 8pm on CET
Learn how humans grow from a single cell to beings of more than 37 trillion cells.


The Amazing Human Body: SurviveThe Amazing Human Body: Survive
Wednesday, September 19, at 9pm on CET
Discover the miraculous ways the human body works to stay alive and healthy.


The Amazing Human Body: LearnThe Amazing Human Body: Learn
Wednesday, September 19, at 10pm on CET

See how experience teaches the brain and body to work together and develop new skills.