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America in Black & Blue

America in Black & Blue

July 15 at 9pm and July 17 at 4pm on CET

After a week of violence, grief and horror, with five police officers shot dead in Dallas, and two African American men shot dead by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana, America in Black and Blue will dig deep to explore the roots of these events, competing accounts of responsibility and justice, and televise the conversation that America is having around so many losses, mutual fears, and also around the common ground where progress may be made.

The special will draw on recent and upcoming PBS content, including FRONTLINE’s Policing the Police, the Gwen Ifill special America After Ferguson and the forthcoming documentary, The Talk, about the talk that many parents of color have with their kids about interacting with police.

America in Black and Blue, a PBS NewsHour Weekend Special, will be hosted by journalist Alison Stewart, with reporting from PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND anchor Hari Sreenivasan, and special correspondents Chris Bury and Michael Hill.

From Chief Programming Officer Jim Wiener

Jim Q&A

Grace Hill, who retired from CET in 2009 after 47 years of service, passed away on Saturday, December 9. She started at the station as a receptionist in 1962 and retired in 2009 as CET's Director of Programming.

Mrs. Hill is credited with modernizing CET's Programming Department, leading the charge for CET to create and showcase on-demand videos, embracing the concept of multiple digital channels, and pioneering membership drives not just in Cincinnati, but for PBS stations across the country.

“Grace was well known, well respected and very well liked as a colleague.  She really was part of the generation that created Public Television.  She will be missed as a colleague and as a friend,” said David Fogarty, President of CET.

Mrs. Hill has served as Executive Producer for many of CET’s local programs, including a weekly public affairs series called Focus. Her work has been recognized both locally and nationally – Cincinnati Reflections received two regional Emmys and two National Telly Awards. She also helped PBS in nationwide fundraising, she served as national talent on multiple specials and she even mentored famed Doo Wop pledge program producer TJ Lubinsky.

Mrs. Hill received many awards throughout her career, including one from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science as well as the Ohio Valley Chapter Silver Circle Award in recognition of her distinguished service in the Ohio Valley region.

She served as a member of the Ohio Educational Broadcasters’ Program Advisory Committee, the Lawrence Welk Advisory Committee, Caillou Advisory Committee and was a past Chairman of the Eastern Educational Network Program Managers’ Council.

Mrs. Hill’s relentless focus on local programming, fundraising and community service as well as her expertise in national and local programing truly made CET what it is today.