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Cincinnati LEEDs the Nation

Thursday, November 9, at 9pm on CET

Cincinnati LEEDs the Nation documents how Cincinnati leads the country in sustainability with its innovative, Net-Zero Energy District 3 police headquarters at 2300 Ferguson Road on the west side. The film by Laure Quinlivan illustrates how police and citizens can work together successfully to forge new bonds, even in challenged neighborhoods like Westwood where District 3 is located.

Net-Zero Energy means the District 3 police station generates enough renewable energy through its design to meet its own annual energy consumption, thanks to 1200 solar panels on the roof and 40 geothermal wells.

Cincinnati LEEDs the Nation highlights not only Cincinnati’s environmental leadership, but the unusually strong role the community played in the design and location of the new police district headquarters. The film features original music by local composer Alex McKenzie. Videographers include Emmy-award winner Glenn Hartong, and Brendan Jeffrey; Brandon Wayman and Brandon Kraemer edited the film.