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George H.W. Bush: American Experience


Tuesday, December 4, at 8pm on CET

When George H.W. Bush left the Oval Office in 1992, rejected after one tumultuous presidential term, his 30-year career in public service came to an abrupt and unexpected end. Despite soaring approval ratings following military victory in the Persian Gulf, his years as president after the war were marked by almost unrelieved decline. A sluggish economy and an earlier decision to raise taxes, despite an explicit campaign oath, led to his defeat. By the end of his term, many observers dismissed him as an artifact of an irrelevant Cold War past.

American Experience: George H.W. Bush tells the story of a man born to both economic and political privilege and tutored in modesty, a man who enlisted in the Navy on his 18th birthday and became a hero in World War II. It recounts Bush’s post-war time at Yale University, where he excelled in athletics, and his marriage to Barbara Pierce. It tells of his adventurous days as a Texas oil wildcatter, the tragic loss of a daughter to leukemia and his entry into Republican politics at a time of roiling change. 

In the wake of George H. W. Bush’s death on November 30, we’re presenting an encore broadcast of American Experience: George H. W. Bush on December 4. We will also be presenting live coverage of the funeral starting at 10am on Wednesday, December 5, on ThinkTV14 World.