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Great Performances at the Met: The Exterminating Angel

Sunday, March 25, at 7:30pm on CET Arts

Season 12 of Great Performances at the Met continues on PBS on Sunday, March 25, at 12:00pm with the American premiere of Thomas Adès’s The Exterminating Angel, a surreal fantasy about a dinner party from which the guests can’t escape. The Exterminating Angel was inspired by the classic Luis Buñuel film of the same name, and stars John Tomlinson and Anne Sofie von Otter. Mezzo-soprano Susan Graham is the host. Thomas Adès’s production is set in a luxurious mansion at the beginning of a fancy party. Inexplicably, all the servants, except the butler Julio, escape the De Nobile mansion while guests enjoy their meal. The guests feel no motivation to go home and instead make themselves comfortable for the night. When morning comes and the guests realize they can’t leave, panic sets in and two visitors take their own lives, while another, who was ill, dies. Suddenly, Leticia realizes that everyone is in exactly the same place as when their captivity began. They repeat their actions from the first night and are ultimately able to escape, but their freedom will not last long.