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Live broadcast at 9:30pm Saturday, August 6, on CET

CET has partnered with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and 9 On Your Side to bring you a live broadcast, live-streams and coverage of CSO’s 2016 LUMENOCITY: RE-IMAGINE event.

With the renovations at Music Hall, RE-IMAGINE, which the CSO has said will be the final LUMENOCITY, will be held inside the Taft Theater and will be a more immersive experience. We’ll be offering multiple live-streams of the event as well as a live broadcast on Saturday evening.

Here’s a rundown of the schedule of the live-streams and the broadcast.

August 5

9:40pm – live-stream online

August 6

3:40pm – live-stream online

9:30pm – broadcast of LUMENOCITY: RE-IMAGINE begins on CET, with introductory coverage

9:40pm –live-stream online

There are additional live shows as well as a LUMENOCITY Block Party you can learn about at Our live-stream will be available on the Taft’s screen for those who want to watch from the party.

Also, before the live broadcast on CET at 9:30 on Saturday, August 6, we’ll be airing LUMENOCITY: Making Magic – the Emmy Award-winning behind-the-scenes look at how the 2014 LUMENOCITY concert event was conceived and created. Join us for that show at 9pm on CET or watch it online now:

Watch the very first LUMENOCITY below: