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The Outback

Wednesdays at 8pm on CET

Over the course of a year, journey with the people and animals of Australia's Kimberley region in North West Australia: a vast, rugged and remote wilderness, bursting with character.

The Outback: The Kimberly Comes Alive
Wednesday, August 1, at 8pm on CET

Meet the diverse humans and creatures who inhabit the Kimberley region in Western Australia.

The Outback: The Dry Season
Wednesday, August 8, at 8pm on CET

The Outback comes to life during the dry season, as turtles lay eggs and athletes dive for pearls.

The Outback: Return of the Wet
Wednesday, August 15, at 8pm on CET
The Outback skies explode with thunder and rain, beginning a new season in this ancient land.