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Cincinnati Music Hall: The Next Movement

March 17 at 3pm on CET

March 18 at 1pm on CET Arts

The documentary started rolling before the doors of Music Hall closed for construction back in June of 2016. Co-producers Richard Wonderling and Don Hancock and other members of the CET team were on site almost weekly to capture the renovations from beginning to end. Wonderling and Hancock even traveled to St. Louis to see the reconditioning of the grand chandelier that hangs in Springer Auditorium.

“Working on a project like this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity and working alongside a professional of Richard’s caliber has been an amazing experience,” Hancock said. “It’s awesome to know that we really are a part of a select few who have been able to witness the transformation in its entirety. We hope viewers enjoy watching not only the changes to the building but also learning from the stories behind the process.”

“This documentary is a story of challenges. The challenge of time – meeting an aggressive deadline. The challenge of walking a thin line between modernization and tradition. Some of the contractors expressed great awe and respect about the work of the original builders. Without the mechanization or the advanced tools we have today, they did an incredible job on that building. And I believe this generation of workers took that to heart – they knew their names were being added to the team that made this building great,” Wonderling added.

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