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Wallander – The Final Season

Sundays at 9pm on CET

Kenneth Branagh returns as Inspector Kurt Wallander in the Swedish sleuth's farewell episodes, bringing the beloved, Emmy nominated series to a poignant end. Branagh gives a heartbreaking performance of a gritty cop starting to lose his grip.

“The White Lioness”
Sunday, May 8, at 9pm on CET

The case of a missing Swede in South Africa leads Wallander down a dangerous path.

“A Lesson in Love”
Sunday, May 15, at 9pm on CET

A knife-slashed corpse takes Wallander on a chase for the victim’s missing daughter.

“The Troubled Man”
Sunday, May 22, at 9pm on CET

With his memory failing, Wallander draws on his primal instincts to crack a very old submarine mystery.