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Wonders of Mexico

Wonders of Mexico

Wednesdays at 9pm on CET

Traveling south along Mexico’s mountain spine, Wonders of Mexico explores the tropical forests of the Maya and the deserts of Northern Mexico to discover amazing wildlife and culture.

Wonders of Mexico: Forests of Maya
Wednesday, August 1, at 9pm on CET
The magical forests of the Maya are rich in tropical wildlife and hide a secret underworld.

Wonders of Mexico: Mountain World
Wednesday, August 8, at 9pm on CET
Mountains dominate Mexico, shaping life and culture in this diverse land. Travel south to discover black bears, fiery volcanoes, exquisite birds and millions of monarch butterflies.

Wonders of Mexico: Burning North
Wednesday, August 15, at 9pm on CET

A journey across Northern Mexico reveals a desert rich in life. From prairie dogs fighting snakes, bats hunting scorpions and tiny owls living in giant cacti, its animals have found clever ways to survive against the odds.