1937 Flood - Survivors

Marjorie Cettel

Marjorie Cettle lived in Norwood in 1937, when she was 14, and Norwood was where people came "to get their buckets of water."

Doug Brockman

Doug Brockman's family moved several times to keep out of floodwaters' way ... to no avail.

Dot Murphy

Dot Campbell Murphy missed her 15th birthday because of the 1937 flood, but her family made sure she eventually got it.

Jeanette Zimov

Jeanette Zimov, who was 17 during the flood of 1937, remembers the challenge of finding and keeping clean water.

William A. George Jr.

William A. George Jr., 97, remembers volunteering for patrols and facing the deep darkness in Covington, Ky., during the flood of 1937, when he was 27 years old.