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FocusFOCUS is CET's bi-monthly news and public affairs program which airs on CET the first two Sundays of every month at 12:30pm, and the first three Mondays at midnight.

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Kathy Lehr talks with Officer Tom Wagner, a Crime Prevention Specialist for the Montgomery Police Department and co-author of ''Caught in The Web: Don't Let It Happen To You!'' This internet and cyber crime program is geared towards teens, parents and teachers and serves to educate them to dangerous online behaviors and how to avoid putting themselves at risk of victimization.

On this episode of Focus, Kathy Lehr talks with Evans Mirageas, The Harry T. Wilks Artistic Director for the Cincinnati Opera, about the Opera's 90th anniversary celebration.

Three representatives from the Hearing Speech & Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati talk about the local programs that they offer and their commitment to providing cutting edge technology and services in a family focused environment.

Kathy Lehr talks with Don Murphy, Dina Bailey, and Charles Davis from the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center about their new exhibit ''Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America.''

Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

Kathy Lehr talks with representatives from Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio about the importance of options for in-home and community care for older adults.