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FocusFOCUS is CET's bi-monthly news and public affairs program which airs on CET the first two Sundays of every month at 12:30pm, and the first three Mondays at midnight.

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FOCUS - Black & Latino Achievers Program at YMCA

How the Black & Latino Achievers Program at YMCA has evolved in Cincinnati.

Geoffrey Mearns and Dr. Kevin Kirby

Geoffrey Mearns and Dr. Kevin Kirby discuss the future of NKU, including current challenges and accomplishments.

Faces without Places. Photo Credit - Yoshi's Images LLC

Faces without Places discuss the issue of homelessness in Cincinnati and the services they provide.

Foreclosure Prevention: Addressing the Suburban Poverty Phenomenon

Despite the improvement of the housing market on a national level, suburban poverty is a growing trend impacting many cities in recent years. Find out what free assistance is available to homeowners facing foreclosure.

Erin Meyer and Luke Blocher

Human trafficking is a growing global and national concern, yet few are aware of this epidemic's presence in the Greater Cincinnati area. Find out what local organizations are doing to educate the public and combat the problem.