Health/Physical Education

Yellow Hat, The

The Yellow Hat shows how students can lead the way in environmental change. The fast-paced 15-minute program follows a middle-school environmental club through an investigation of local water quality issues. The students gather and organize information, formulate questions, and interview some of the nation’s top environmental scientists. They also meet other professionals dealing with environmental issues: state environmental managers, a town manager, a veterinarian, and an environmental activist.

Fit Kid Connection

The Fit Kid Connection Nutrition Education Program was developed due to the overwhelming statistics on childhood obesity, and as a means of disease prevention. It is designed to complement the nutrition subject area of a Competency-Based Program in Health and Physical Education.

All About You

The All About You series was hosted by Louise McNamara and written by Ada  Litchfield. Its target  grade levels are K-2. The subjects covered are health, physical education and safety. The series presents a picture of what a human being is, promotes an understanding of how people grow and develop, both physically and
emotionally, and examines the reasons for good health care.

Smart & Sober

A group of teens has a candid discussion with Henry Winkler about underage alcohol use. Those who use and abuse alcohol discuss the wide range of consequences while hop-hop star Bow Wow and other young people share their reasons for staying SMART & SOBER.

Fitness Fanatic

Bring fitness into your classroom! Join Dave and local teen athletes as they share the fun of sports and exercise. Lesson plans based on Ohio Academic Content Standards in grades 5-8 are available online.

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