Reading/Language Arts

Meet the Author

This series has served to promote literacy, and an interest in reading and writing, by giving students direct access to authors who share their personal stories, offer their writing tips, and encourage students to “keep reading, keep writing, keep dreaming.”

Language of Trauma and Loss

This series is designed to allow students to have a forum for expressing feelings of loss or trauma that have occurred in their life. The first three programs are tied to the language arts standards and focus on the needs of students. Each video gives an open-ended story or dramatization for students to bring in his or her experience. The fourth program is a professional development video that illustrates the important role brain processes play in the development of a child, what makes a "safe" classroom and what role teachers should play when dealing with kids who have problems.

Fitness Fanatic

Bring fitness into your classroom! Join Dave and local teen athletes as they share the fun of sports and exercise. Lesson plans based on Ohio Academic Content Standards in grades 5-8 are available online.

Change My Mind

Change My Mind is based on the concept that students will be bombarded with persuasive techniques in all aspects of their life. They need to recognize when persuasive techniques are being used and, in turn, how students can use them to try and persuade others. This project is directed at the persuasive writing process. The multimedia kit is keyed to grades 8-10 language arts standards and includes a teacher guide, five videos and a Web site.


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