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Kitchen ExplorersFind ways to incorporate learning with fun in the kitchen!



PBS Parents Everything from planning a kids party to education and child development!



Raising ReadersFind ways to incorporate reading into daily activites with your child with the Raising Readers Activity Calendar.




PBS Parents on YouTubeFamily-geared videos from cooking, crafting, parenting and more! Watch PBS Parents Picks on YouTube.





Reading RocketsEven though we call it a "basic," learning to read isn't easy. Thanks to research, we now know how to build the foundations for reading before school, how to teach children to read in school, and how to help those who struggle. Thanks to this Reading Center, we now can provide this information to you!


Simple Water and Oil Experiment

This simple experiment with oil and water will introduce the concept of polarity and density to your child. The post...

Invisible Ink

When an acid comes into contact with baking soda, a chemical reaction occurs and carbon dioxide is formed. This...

DIY Nebula Jar

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Open up a discussion with your [...

Recycled Cork Boats

The cure for summer boredom is as close as your recycling bin. With just a few simple supplies, little hands [] The...

Nature Dragonfly Craft

Go on a nature walk and collect the materials you need to create this sparkly and colorful dragonfly craft. This...

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