Arthur Stands Up to Bullying

ARTHUR, television’s longest-running children’s animated series, kicks off its spring season with a week of all-new episodes, including two devoted to the issue of bullying.


Arthur - The Last Tough Customer"The Last Tough Customer"
Monday, May 6, at 7am and 4pm on CET
Monday, May 6, at 9am on ThinkTV14

The Tough Customers realize it’s time to quit bullying and set out to find a new hobby - but can Molly ever truly change her ways?







Arthur - So Funny I Forgot to Laugh"So Funny I Forgot to Laugh"
Monday, May 10, at 7am and 4pm on CET
Monday, May 10, at 9am on ThinkTV14

Arthur thinks his jokes about Sue Ellen’s new sweater are all in good fun but Sue Ellen’s feelings are hurt. Has Arthur become…a bully?






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