Dinosaur Train

The Emmy Award-nominated animated children’s series Dinosaur Train presents four new episodes for "Meet the Grandparents" week, December 10-14.


Tiny and the Crocodile / Meet the GrandparentsMonday, December 10: “Tiny and the Crocodile / Meet the Grandparents

Team Pteranodon travels to Dienosuchas Swamp to meet Deanna Dienosuchas, a 40 foot crocodile with many big teeth, and a crabby attitude.   Tiny leads the way to warm up Deanna who turns out to be more friendly and less scary than our kids imagined. 

The Pteranodon kids have special visitors – their Grandma and Grandpa!  The kids delight in realizing they share similar traits with their grandparents (laughs, expressions, and interests), and love showing Grandma and Grandpa around the nest area and playing some games they all like.  




The Egg Stealer? / To Grandparents' Nest We Go!Tuesday, December 11: “The Egg Stealer? / To Grandparents' Nest We Go!
Buddy and Don stumble upon a mystery when they find unhatched eggs on their beach, The mystery grows when some of the eggs are stolen. Don and Buddy become detectives and suspect that maybe Tiny, Shiny, or other friends may be stealing the eggs.  They’re not. Soon, all the kids join in to solve the mystery, as they figure out that the eggs belong to an over-protective, caring mom named Olivia Oviraptor who is just trying to keep her eggs safe.

Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don have fun spending a special day with their retired Grandma and Grandpa at their cliffside nest.  The kids get to see things from their Dad’s childhood nature collection, and afterwards they play games and fish with Grandma and Grandpa.




Double-Crested Trouble / Erma and the ConductorWednesday, December 12: “Double-Crested Trouble / Erma and the Conductor

While riding the Dinosaur Train, Buddy and Tiny meet Dylan and Devlin Dilophosaurus, twin brothers with amazing double-crests on their heads. Dylan and Devlin like to compete over everything from getting the best seat on the train, to being the best hunter.  After Tiny and Buddy spend time with the brothers, they show them how working as a team can help




Dome-Headed Dinosaur / Treasure HuntThursday, December 12: “Dome-Headed Dinosaur / Treasure Hunt

The Pteranodon kids and their dome-headed friend Spikey Stygimoloch meet a brother and sister, Patrick and Pamela Pachycephalosaurus, two dinosaurs with enormous dome heads.  Spikey bonds with the Pachycephalosaurus. Patrick and Pamela are athletes who invite our kids, Mom, and Spikey along to watch them use their impressive dome heads to play a volleyball type sport called, Dome Ball.  

Don has a large collection of things he’s found in nature, but he’s missing one hard-to-locate item – amber.  On the Dinosaur Train, Don and the other Pteranodon kids find out that Gilbert is also looking for amber. At Amber Arroyo caves, Don and Gilbert separately search for and find amber, eventually bonding over their discoveries.